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Lightning Rod

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Lightning Rod. Sometimes when I write a song I have no idea what the lyrics mean. I know that must sound idiotic but I imagine many artists experience the same phenomena. You can set out to create something or you can just create and see what comes out. In this case I had a muse. Different from the muse in “The Bakery”. I didn’t choose the muse in the bakery song, I just started going into the bakery and then found myself writing about her. This muse I specifically set out to write a song about. I even discussed it with her before I wrote the song. I had no idea what would be created.

So this is what I think “Lightning Rod” is about; I think it’s a love song sung for a pending apocalypse of some sort. The type of song that might have been appropriate for Harold Camping to have serenaded to his wife, Shirley, on May 20th. He would have looked like no less the idiot on the 21st but maybe he would have gotten laid and stopped with all this end of the universe nonsense (which he now says is going to happen on October 21st).

I don’t know if the end-of-days will happen in my life time… or ever. But if it does, I can only hope that with it comes Zombies.

A brewing storm coming on the pressure drops thunder nearby
On the roof the silhouette of a lighting Rod luminates the sky
I’m alright. I’m alright, I’ll be fine
As long as I stay close, have hope and take the time

Don’t say a thing, let’s just leave, take my hand and come with me

The morning sun wakes us up the sparrows sing the flowers bloom
And all seems right even though we know it’ll all end soon
We’ll be fine. We’ll be fine, we’ll be alright.
As long as we stay close have hope and stay in sight

Don’t say a thing, let’s just leave, take my hand and come with me