Morning is Broken

Morning is Broken: The first line of each verse is taken from Morning Has Broken. That’s about all it has in common with that song.

Morning has broken
And lies on the floor
Millions of pieces of the night before
Blackbird has spoken
And shattered her wings
Into millions of voices That no longer sing
Mine is the sunlight
Dies with the day
Millions of embers stay warm until late
Born of the one light
Soft is the sound
Millions of footsteps never hit the ground

You’re seeing the upside / upside down you’re seeing the upside / upside down
Try as you may to turn it around
You’re seeing the upside / upside down

Praise for the sweetness
No bitter of taste
Millions of words
None are to waste
Spring into completeness
And find within
To start from somewhere
You must begin



2 Responses to “Morning is Broken”

  1. Lanaway says:

    Very nice song Noah. Love the guitar sound you got too…

  2. lee says:

    thank you for sharing your music. you have an incredible voice and great lyrics –

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