Social Suicide

Social Suicide: I love my friends but sometimes, I don’t like them.

Dreaming about moments
long since past
something made of nothing
that just won’t last

It’s just like dying
as it all flashes before your eyes

Just been existing
but i hardly breathe
and I feel I’ve been giving
only a small part of me

And it’s just like living
it’s all a compromise

I cannot relax
with all these knives in my back
and I cannot see
while your blinding me

To hell with my pride
i’ll commit
social suicide

Sick of excuses
while I’m messing about
stuck with the affliction
fear of missing out

It’s a vicious circle
when you’re stuck inside a square

Surrounded by people
completely alone
when honest conversation
turns into broken telephone

It’s a hard realization
that you’ve got fear of being there

I cannot relax
when all these dicks poke my back
and I cannot feed
while your starving me

Oh too hell with the pride
i’ll commit social suicide

Broken pieces i cannot glue back
the memories are lost
speeding train running outta track
it’s time just to jump off
round trip ticket is now one way
time to step aside

And commit social suicide!



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