Today is my birthday. I’m 43. I have a lot to be celebrating. I have great job and career. Amazing friends that I love. A couple awesome (well most times) kids. A great place to live in an amazing city. I have a really good life. Despite that, I wrote this idiotic song.

I woke up feeling blue
and my balls are also too
and you didn’t even wish me a happy birthday

Well it’s not cause you didn’t fuss
it’s more a sign of us
and that’s sad OMG I hate birthdays

Birthdays are meant for the young
I just can’t wait till this day is done

‘Cause when you’re old it’s not the best
to know you’re one year closer to death
and that sucks, mother fuck birthdays.

So now I’m sitting here
this box of kleenex not for tears
the most depressing days are birthdays

My happiness depends
on all those facebook friends
that you’ve never met saying happy birthday

Birthdays are supposed to be fun
But I just can’t wait for this day to me done

I just have a frown
’cause you’re not around
to hold me, to blow me on my birthday

My party I want to ditch
I’m such a whiny bitch
wrap it up, I give up on birthdays

But I’ll just raise my glass in cheer
’cause I’m older by one year
and today
a little more grey
hip hip hooray
for birthdays



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