Inside Out

Inside Out is a song very fitting for right now. Last weekend I went to a Landmark Education (very hesitant to put a link here) course. Basically, it was a 39 hour long episode of Oprah. People, some with real problems, some with made up ones, would get on stage, confesses it front of 150 people and then get really bad advice from some asshole called ‘The Leader’. I went up to call him on his shit. He did some serious mind-fucking on me and  I ended up some how confessing what a dick I’ve been for the past 5 years. His advice was to call everyone up that I feel I hurt, misused or abused over the years a confess to them my sins. When I sat back down I felt like someone had kicked me in the head with a kodiak boot. 15 minutes later I left… I was only half way through the course. I felt like shit for 5 days. I’m still recovering. This song wasn’t written out of that weekend but it could have been.

I’m a bit flat in this song and the last sung word is horrendous, but whatev. It’ll all get better as I post more songs. They all won’t be solo. I should have some guests soon.

I cannot love you when I’m inside out
I cannot feel you when I’m inside out
Inside out, Inside out
I twist I turn I try to learn but I’m inside out
I cannot feel you when I’m upside down

I cannot be with you when I’m upside down
Upside down, Upside down
I twist I turn I try to learn but I’m upside down
Stay with me and you will see, eventually

I’ll come around, I’ll get myself around
Stay with me



One Response to “Inside Out”

  1. Iris Bocknek says:

    Hey Noah,

    Great song very touching!!! As I learned a long time ago, life beats us down and then picks us up..Constant self-reflection, questions that usually don’t offer answers, just lessons…

    Use those lessons to move forward, to pick up the pieces…

    Reach out!!! The people you look for are closer than you think…

    Hope this note finds you in a happy place….

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