Shark Week

Shark Week starts August 10th on Discovery. This song has little-to-nothing to do with that Shark Week nor does it have anything to do with Sharknado 1 or 2.

The rabbit is an adorable animal. They are very fast runners but despite their speed they are often caught by the many animals that prey on them. A pet rabbit often will not leave the cage even though it’s been offered the freedom to run. You are the rabbit.

The dragon starts fires. Capable of both brilliant light and total darkness after complete destruction. The dragon has a very large wing span and can fly long distances. Dragons don’t care about collateral damage. You are the dragon.

The ceceda lives underground for 13 or 17 years and then emerges for only a few short weeks with the sole purpose of mating and laying eggs. They make loud buzzing and clicking noises, which can be overpowering. You are the ceceda.

The giant destroys the terrain with every step. It has a veracious appetite and little discrimination of what it eats be it flora, fauna or human. Giants sleep a lot but are awoken very easily due to their keen and acute sense of smell. You are the giant.

The shark is a deadly but docile creature that will only attack when provoked or hungry. Sharks need to keep moving or they will die. I am the shark.

run rabbit run
escape this cage

breathe dragon breathe
ignite the flame
then burn it all away

feed shark feed
devour me

die cicada die
we hardly knew thee
we hardly knew thee

sleep giant sleep
quiet steps I take
for you not to wake

now feed shark feed
devour me



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