Half-Painted Porch – Direct-To-Disk

This song was recorded at Lacquer Channel Mastering direct to vinyl. It was a test for a series we’re doing called Direct-To-Disc #wecutwax in which we’re recording some artists directly to a vinyl record in real-time like they did in the olden times. What you’re hearing on this is the playback from the acetate record disc. In the video you can see the actual performance of the song as it’s being cut to disc. I’ve also mixed in a little behind-the-scenes footage.

Creatively this song is a postmortem of a relationship but only how I was feeling when I wrote it, not necessarily how I’m feeling about it now.



i hold for you this flaming torch
burning this half-painted porch
smoke so thick i cannot see
come put it out and rescue me

think on this let’s predicate
let’s talk about negotiate
on the things we cannot change
can’t compromise can’t rearrange

hold on to a thread

can’t forget what I have read
it’s swirling scathing around my head
words for him not for my eyes
revealing thinly veiled disguise

expose the bricks expose the beams
and tear apart the sowed up seams
go to a pauper from a king
no longer be your favourite thing

hold on to a thread

and I take back all the words of love I’ve said
i paint the porch i rebuild my old bed
what’s left of you in me is almost dead



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